The Sixth Man

Captain Chyang Fang, the half-breed Chinese-Vietnamese head of the city’s Homicide Division, and main character in The Sixth Man, is hated by nearly everyone in Saigon. Now, he has been assigned to find out who is killing high-ranking Vietnamese government officials and leaving toy cobras on their dead bodies. Fang must rely on the dim-witted Sergeant Phan to drive him around and carry a pistol, since Fang’s bloodline makes him untrustworthy. But Phan is more interested in finding Larry the Lobster in the SpongeBob Squarepants game on his Smartphone. More ably, Dr. Ngo, Saigon’s hunchback play-do faced coroner, uses all the skills he’s acquired in forensics by watching imported CSI shows to assist Fang in his investigation. Fang uses his sharp wit and cynicism as the only weapon he has to battle bigotry and prejudice, while he spends his off time in the dream world of the Ma Jing’s opium den. The mystery heightens as more ex-Viet Cong officers die and Fang’s search leads him to an old Montagnard acquaintance and Frank Morgan, a Phoenix program assassin now retired from killing for the CIA along with his gorgeous Malaysian girlfriend. The Sixth Man is set in modern Saigon and is a story rich in Vietnamese culture and history, while portraying some of the horrors of the past.