After tours of Afghanistan and discovery of a plot involving CIA masters, corrupt oil companies, drug lords, and murderous jihadists, three assassins are put on the short list of rogue agents slated for forced early retirement. While The Company decides their fate, Frank Morgan and his cohorts, Finnen and Washington, are tasked to fly Agency Gulfstreams around the world to black sites, picking up and delivering Haji terrorists for torture, interrogation, and possible death. Nothing is easy for the three trained killers. Langley is always watching, the only protection the men’s threat of disclosure in the New Yorker of CIA collusion in illegal and traitorous behavior.

Their first mission takes the three hit men to Liman Abu Zaabal prison in Cairo, where they are commanded to bring out Nasir Kabir, a renowned Al Qaeda bomb maker and deliver him to Basra, Iraq. Unfortunately, the warden is as an evil ugly brute and the plans change. They bluff their way out and continue the op, Finnen spending his time on the jet with bottles of Jameson and the giant Washington polishing his magical bass voice with cold Budweiser and trading insults with the Irishman. Further destinations include Europe, Cuba, Dubai, and the USA, travels that don’t come with frequent flyer miles. During all the journeys, Finnen serenades with Irish lyricism and humor, while Washington is stunned by the stupidity of “white people” and Morgan tries to keep them from strangling each other or boring him to death. At each stop, the challenges seem overwhelming and it takes all their Special Forces skills to escape. Renditions portrays a little publicized program of US intelligence agencies to hide the use of torture behind the veil of secrecy and national security, while using three disposables to carry-out the CIA’s ruthless campaign.

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