Pashtun is a modern day version of the Phoenix Program where a soldier is recruited by the CIA to assassinate suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists. The real targets become blurred and the hero of this work discovers it's oil and heroin driving many of the missions he's sent to carry out. His new found knowledge takes him and his two comrades to Germany and throughout Afghanistan. One of his sidekicks is an indestructible lyrical Irishman with a cutting sense of humor and a glass of whiskey never far from his hand. The second teammate is a giant who quotes poetry and rap songs while he both administers torture and lives through his own agonizing trials. On the way, the trio rescue a veiled woman and barely escape the vengeance of their bosses at the CIA. Pashtun is filled with challenges of military special operations in a rock filled landscape and told with a compassion for those asked to fight the battles.