A Fish Story

In A Fish Story, the next chapter in the adventures of Captain Chyang Fang, the half-breed chief homicide detective of Saigon continues his crusade to rid the city of corrupt politicians and evil crime mandarins. This time he focuses on a scheme to feed tiger steaks to wealthy Chinese and stopping the flow of illegal arms, drugs and exotic animal parts inside containers of dead fish, mostly using his caustic mouth as his only weapon. Captain Fang is accompanied by his mentally challenged bodyguard, chauffeur, and informant, Corporal Phan, as well as the smooth dressing and sweet-talking Intelligence Service officer, Nguyen. They are assisted by the head of the Chinese underworld in Vietnam, Mr. Liu, who directs them toward the most likely targets. A Fish Story portrays the evil in the marketing of exotic animals as well as other criminal activities rampant in the country while depicting the colorful sounds and sites of a city struggling to recover from years of war and corruption.

A Fish Story Cover.jpg